Artist Techniques and Supplies

The information below is merely a guide, not an endorsement of any one artist technique or product. We appreciate and welcome all descriptions of proven methods and products used to decorate t&b clips.

Hand painting…

on the standard nickel-silver surface of the t&b clip can be done with enamel paint products like Delta brand PermEnamel or DecoArt brand Americana Gloss Enamels.

Metal leafing…

can be applied to the standard nickel-silver surface to change the metalic silver look, add two-tone metal effects and add demension to the clip.

Seed beads, small crystals, rhinestones or jewelry appliques…

can be applied with a thin metal surface craft glue like Aleene’s Liquid Fusion, if the stone, bead or applique is a heavier metal object a strong adhesive such as J-B Weld should be used.

Semi precious stones and beads…

can be attached with jewelry wire or fish-line strung through t&b clips with top and bottom drilled holes available in our crafter bundles section.

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